We get a lot of questions here at the Academy.  Many of them, we get quite often.

You see, most people want to know the same things.  The same point that confuses you most likely confuses someone else as well.  There is no shame in asking any question when you are not crystal clear on the answer.

For your convenience, our most common questions are answered right here.

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What is the Academy?

Is it true that The Academy used to provide all of its services free of charge to the community?

Can the Academy help me make my vanilla significant other kinky?

Can the Academy help with my current kinky relationship?

Where is the Academy located?

What is this vetting process that I keep hearing about?

What sort of cool toys do you have with which to play?

Q: What is the Academy?

A: The Academy started out as “The Miskatonic Academy for Wayward Girls” when it first opened its doors in 2013, however the name was quickly shortened to the Academy for several reasons.  First it took much less time to say, obviously.  It also included the word Miskatonic, the name of a fictional Massachusetts river in the works of pulp horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft, which causes its own share of confusion with people who were not familiar with the reference.  Also the wayward girls mentioned made it sound like we were only here to serve that small portion of the population.  Thus the more concise current name, The Academy.

In short, The Academy provides a place for Leather and BDSM education and play. Our goal is to provide both a superior playspace experience and valuable source of reliable guidance and information for members of the community regardless of orientation, gender, race or any other dividing factor or lack thereof.

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Q: Is it true that The Academy used to provide all of its services free of charge to the community?

A: Yes, this is true.  Sadly after several years of this policy it became an unsupportable model which forced the cost onto the very few that chose to shoulder that burden.  It seems that some people still hold the believe that something is only worth what you pay for it and thus free information was considered without worth.  Since then we have shifted to a membership model that spreads things out better at a very minimal cost to the membership.  This provides a better space for all members and keeps high quality BDSM education available in the low country.

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Q: Can the Academy help me make my vanilla significant other kinky?

A: No.  Neither can anyone else.  I hate to be the bearer of ill tidings but no one can make someone into something that they are not already.  You can not make kinky people vanilla and you can’t make vanilla people kinky any more than you can make a straight person gay or a gay person straight.  These things are not binary either, they are a continuum where the interaction of inborn traits, environmental factors and acquired proclivities combine to determine where one is most comfortable.  Don’t try and change a vanilla person, find a kinky one.

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Q: Can the Academy help with my current kinky relationship?

A: Yes, if by that you mean provide you with information, education, technical advise and a safe place to explore your kinky desires.  If you mean can we fix a broken relationship, that is a little outside of our core competence and we will be the first to admit when something it outside of our areas of knowledge.  We do, however, know a good, kink-friendly relationship councilor.

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Q: Where is the Academy located?

A: The Academy is in a rural area of Georgetown in the middle of the Grand Strand coastal area of South Carolina, between Myrtle Beach and Charleston.  We keep the exact location confidential to avoid curious onlookers that might compromise our members privacy.  We provide the exact location to those that complete membership application and vetting only.

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Q: What is this vetting process that I keep hearing about?

A: The vetting process is fairly simple, amounting to a conversation with me at a neutral location (Usually a Waffle House, Denny’s or the like) and attending your first event here at the Academy. Once that is complete then we consider these interactions and try to determine if we are a fit for you or if we can recommend other organizations that might be a better fit.

Here on the website you can fill out the membership application and you will be required to sign a waiver when you attend your first Academy event.

We understand the importance of limiting dramatic personalities in groups, which is the single most common reason groups fail and thereby cause issues for their members.  Avoiding these issues is the reason we have the vetting process in place and it has functioned well for us since we opened our doors in 2012.

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Q: What sort of cool toys do you have with which to play?

A: Lots!  We have 16 separate play stations in the lower level alone, the upstairs has a separate social area and at least half a dozen more play areas.  And that is just the indoor area.  We have several outdoor play areas as well for those that like a little more space when they play.  The list of furniture that is available is ever-changing and  ever-expanding but here is a partial list:

  • The infamous Iron Cross (St Andrew’s Cross)
  • Gravity table
  • Seated flogging bench
  • Queening chair
  • Padded Spanking horses (2)
  • Medical examination tables (3)
  • Suspension rig rated at over 600 lbs
  • Powered Dental chair
  • Modular Pillory (Standing Stock)  with multiple configurations
  • Sensory Deprivation table
  • Inversion table
  • Many more, and always more coming

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