How to Join

Membership in The Academy is by invitation. This means that we need to meet you and get to know you a bit before we invite you to participate in our various events. The usual way to do this is by attending a vetting meeting, which we can schedule on request, or other specially held vetting events. You can see dates and locations for these on our calendar should there be any currently scheduled.

Our vetting method is simple,  we do individual meetings if our schedules allow and your work or other obligations make it possible. But we really do need to meet you, there is no skirting this requirement. This screening process helps us protect the confidentiality of our members, while ensuring that prospective members understand the nature of The Academy.

Also, we have reciprocal agreements with similar groups across the country, and members of those are allowed to join The Academy with no additional requirements. In addition, we follow a “common sense” policy regarding those who are well known by individuals who are well established and well trusted in our community, such as presenters and well known authors on the subject.

I can be contacted via Fetlife as ChristianV to set up the initial meeting.  This simple vetting meeting consists of a fairly short conversation, about an hour and a half usually, at a neutral location to ensure everyone’s privacy.

Need something else? Feel free to use our Contact Us page.